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Paranormal Encyclopedia

Kevin Meares is an experienced demonologist and paranormal investigator. He’s been a popular speaker at JME for many years now.

He is the former host of the Lou Gentile Show and host of Paranormal Encyclopedia, speaker at numerous Jeff Mach Events including 2nd week Halloween in the Catskills 2016


100 Candles

100 candles are lit and 100 ghost stories are told. Accoring to the story when the last candle goes out a spirit will appear. Join us for our second attempt at this game to see just what happens (electronic lights will be used for safety and all stories will be limited to 2 minutes due to time constraints).

Paranormal Encyclopedia Live

Join us for a live taping of the youtube channel “Paranormal Encyclopedia”. Host Kevin Meares will be talking ghosts, angels, demons and weirder things as well as taking questions from the audience.

Speaking with the Dead

Electronic Voice Phenomenon is one of the most interesting forms of paranormal evidence. Simply put its efforts to contact spirits of the dead using an audio recorder. Join us for an experiment in EVP using one of the most effective recorders on the market.

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