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Doctor Gus

Makers, artists, alchemists, mad scientists. We create uniquely inspired art and accessories to outfit adventurers, no matter what time period you may be exploring. Whether you need to arm yourself against dinosaurs, require a show stopping necklace for a grand ball, or desire to award yourself an important medal. Doctor Gus has you covered!

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Everlasting Myst

Everlasting Myst and Deep South Toys have teamed up to bring you a devilish assortment of magical and mystical wares.

We will offer Tarot readings, in addition to the trinkets, jewelry, incense, oils, herbs, floggers, and canes. Oh My!

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The Pointed Hat

The Pointed Hat is a supply shop, temple, learning and community center, sanctuary for the soul, and is a place for the awakening of the senses through prayer, magick, and meditation. We offer a variety of supplies mystical and magickal such as candles, incense, artisan jewelry, amulets, clothing, home décor, scented oils, tarot decks, crystals, books, herbs, and more, and we also offer a variety of mystical and spiritual services, including medium readings, tarot/intuitive readings, healings, chakra balancings, house blessings, guided mediations, mystical training, custom magick and more.

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Knightley and Company

Knightley and Company makes one of a kind necklaces, brackets, rings and keepsake boxes.

Handmade Jewelry from Upcycled Materials with some a little bling added here and there!

Find Lego and Minifigure Jewelry, Beautiful Chokers, Steampunk, and Author inspired pieces: Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll.

We have Walking Dead, Comic Book Inspired, Penny Dreadful and Doctor Who!


Laughing Dakini Tarot

Non-squeamish, longtime tarot reader and therapist who has been electrocuted before (and declared dead more than once).

Uses humane pithy tarot readings to help querents gain insight into what may help produce the best outcome for the issue.