Smart Ass Theater

Is it a monster, a machine, or both!?! Remove your brain-to-mouth filter and enjoy your last day in the Catskills with a comedy-filled showing of 1953’s “Robot Monster” hosted by Tome Wilson of The Mill Race Theatrical Company. Watch as moon monsters launch their attack against the Earth! Audience participation, puns, and bad humor are mandatory! “Robot Monster” is Rated T for Terrible.

tome-wilson-landscape-1Tome Wilson is an Emmy Award winning art director, producer, and theatre owner from the Philadelphia area best known for his work in the alt-history community.  His credits include “History Channel’s Haunted History,”  The Mill Race Theatrical Company’s “Poe Project,” the alt-history network “Dieselpunks,” and the psychobilly/horrorpunk magazine “Fake Plastic Fangs.”  You can catch Tome’s latest work at

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