Psyche Corporation


Dark Cyberpunk Fairytale Storytime Music
Bring-your-own-tea-or-tea-substitute and gather round to listen to spooky cyberpunk tales of downloadable dreams laid out in musical form by the front woman of Psyche Corporation, a former Ladies of Steampunk model and programmer who produces both original and filk works, such as Perl-Operated Boy.

Paranoid Spaceship Rock Concert
Bring-your-own-conspiracy-theory and gather round to listen to cyberpunk songs with actual secret messages embedded in them, from Morse Code, to poliovirus DNA, to barcoded telephone numbers of high-end courtesans. Rest assured that all songs can be enjoyed even in the absence of paranoid ideation; just let the alternative electrorock world music sound in, and ignore the subliminal messages.

Psyche Corporation is a cyberpunk/steampunk band fronted by a former Ladies of Steampunk model and programmer, who combines dance with a powerhouse vocal range. Hailing from a future where neuroprosthetics allow for dream downloads, the band’s style spans trip-hop, electro-rock, and world music, with themes both dystopian and lighthearted, e.g. “Perl-Operated Boy”. Psyche Corporation has toured nationally with her enthralling storylines and dance moves.

Weekend One

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