hellitosis_halloweenHumerus Happenings with Heavy Hellitosis

An intimate evening with Hellitosis. Open those ear holes and allow us to sesh words of abomination into your subconscious. Don’t blame us if you suddenly want to murder en-mass…or go eat fattening foods, (whichever is your personal demon). We elicit bad behavior!!! Come play.

Hellitosis is a Progressive-Punk, Stoner-Metal style band that has produced theme songs for radio, video promotions and film projects. They have been coined as eccentric and unorthodox, and are always reaching at new avenues of expression. A forthcoming novella will be combined with an album that represents each chapter as a song. Overlaying themes of horror and dark subject matter are intrinsic to the bands identity and brand, lending a humerus but somber tone to their music and visage.

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