Doc Stone

docstone_hallowcat_2016Ever wonder how to create realistic looking props and gear? Are you ready to go to the next level with your art and costuming? This discussion and Q & A will have the answers and help you get tips and techniques that you may have never thought of. Run through of the creation process as well as what not to do to make your pieces look real as possible. Doc Stone studios motto is “Rise above the gear.” You will see why.

Doc Stone, Artist, Maker, Actor, Entertainer, Founder of Doc Stone Studios, and Producer Steampunk Frederick. One of the most up and coming artists in steampunk. Working in high-end custom wearable leather and brass as well as creating 3D functional sculptures using mixed media and found objects. Creator and producer of Steampunk Frederick located in Frederick MD that had its debut this year and was a roaring success.

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