AVee: Spells & Spirits

Spell Timing and Techniques
Join me in exploring spell correspondences and how to best utilize the energies in our favor. Learn how to implement your spells and rituals anytime regardless of the goal intent. We will discuss various correspondences such as moon phases, planetary timing, working with stars and much more.

Working with Spirits
Spirits are useful aids in achieving our goals. Our ancestors are our first line of assistance. However, there are many in the realm of the dead that are willing to help us. Learn why spirits help us, how to work in graveyards and highly effective methods of drawing those spirits towards us.

I am an eclectic witch. My paths of spirituality range from Wiccan, traditional witchcraft, hoodoo, and other forms of esoteric and neo pagan studies. I have an educational page of 10k members on face book, A Witches Journey. I also offer my services to aid those in need of magical assistance. I am a 1st Degree Correllian Tradition Reverend, who also teaches the tradition. I also teach eclectic studies and offer both year long studies as well as smaller classes through out the year. In addition, I have practiced Buddhism as my primary philosophical way of life. Im a true believer in helping others find and accept who they are and hopefully guide them in their journey any way I am needed. Namaste

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