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AVee has previously held a lecture last October with Halloween in the Catskills. She has her own Occult web shop, teaches occult studies and has a long standing Facebook page geared to new age, occult and paganism

Day Of the Dead/All Souls Day
We will be covering how the dead are honored in Mexico and how All souls Day evolved in present day culture

History of Witches and Hallows Eve
This is a great way to learn the origins of Halloween as it is today. Learn about the traditions of various cultures. The associations of “dressing up” and why we do it today! Maybe we can find a way to deter the ghosts from coming our way


Platform One

Platform One is not your mother’s pop music. Driving beats, 80s sensibilities, and lyrics you won’t forget will keep you dancing all night.

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Platform One performs their classic synthpop/darkwave music in a new and exciting way…acoustically!


Nicole Oliva’s Dark Side of Opera Concert

Come and take a listen to the dark side of opera with Nicole Oliva! A multi-talented Soprano, Nicole has performed all throughout the Tri-State Area and is always performing throughout the convention scene. A professional Haunter at the Schmitt’s Farms Haunted Mansion of Melville she brings her elegant level of gothicness to the stage in this wonderful concert!


Moe Mahou Maid Cafe

Moe Mahou Maid Cafe is a convention and event based maid cafe based in Northern NJ. We travel all over the U.S. and are available for private events and bookings!

We have been featured in Kotaku and have been to Wizard World, Lock City Anime, Halloween in the Catskills & NJIT!

We started doing the cafe for our found love of Japan and maid cafes and to spread joy to children and children of heart! We are magical maids and butlers that perform, sing, dance, bake, do tarot, henna, art, play games, poi, aerial, karaoke and much more!

Every profitable event has a portion back given to help our community and those in need.


Cherry Bomb

Cherry bomb is a fire spinning, gogo-dancing aerialist who hails from Virginia Beach. Her cosplay and aerial dance skills put her on the map, but behind all that beauty is a whole lot of brains.

She doesn’t just hang herself from the ceiling on the weekends, Cherry is actually a rigging and lighting designer in Washington DC.


Jeff Mach

Jeff Mach is the owner of Jeff Mach Events, which runs The Steampunk World’s Fair, Wicked Faire, Dark Side Of The Con (With VampireFreaks), The Geeky Kink Event, and this event. He is known for being dashingly handsome, devastatingly brilliant, superbly witty, and for having access to edit this website text.


Spooky Songs and Stories with Jeff Mach
Jeff will sing a number of Halloween songs, and a few of his originals, and he’ll tell stories fitting for October. Be prepared to have your blood turn to ice! I mean, that’s chemically extremely unlikely, but it’s good to be prepared, right?



Founded by Dr. J.R. Whitcomb in 2011 and have been featured in both Weird NJ magazine and The Star Ledger, Karnevil is considered to be New Jerseys premiere carnival sideshow experience as well as being touted globally as “The worlds most dangerous sideshow.”

Whether bringing you death defying escapes, astounding acts of skill, classic sideshow fare, ridiculous games, or informative presentations on macabre Victorian subject matter, the Karnevil crew delivers above and beyond mortal expectations.

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Karnevil’s 10-in-1 Carnival Sideshow!

Roll up, roll up, fiends and fans for the most fantastical sideshow experience on the east coast! In classic format, a marvelous mixture of more than nine, and less than eleven acts of skill and daring performed live by Karnevils self made freaks. You will meet the human blockhead, a person capable of replicating a self lobotomy and live to talk about it! You will see thrilling escapes from medieval manacles and medical restraints! You will experience first hand the effects of inhumane animal traps on human flesh! All this, and more in a single show! See it once, see it twice, every showing is unique and guaranteed different from the last!​

Tarot Cards, Table Rappers and Con Men

Charlatans, swindlers and frauds abound in the realm of Victorian era mysticism and spiritualism. The Lady Gypsy of Karnevil will spin tales of false mediums, fake fairies and spiritual gold diggers, AND the people hell bent on exposing them.

Karnevil’s Wild West Whip Show

Professional whip artist, Dr. J.R. Whitcomb, demonstrates a variety of bullwhip tricks and targeting maneuvers. A fan favorite, this show has been adapted to fit gaming conventions, renaissance faires, steampunk festivals, and anywhere else there is a need for, “Thrills and Excitement at 768 Miles Per Hour!”


Sinister stories and hellish historical accounts of freaks, fakirs, illusionists, snake oil salesmen and all matters odd. Modern day practitioners of the art of the circus sideshow Dr. J.R. and Gypsy of “”Karnevil”” will guide you through the crowded tents of yesteryear, full of mummies, spinsters, six legged men and other circus freaks! Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.

Ask a Karnie aka Hungover Brunch With Karnevil

Information coming soon.


Doc Foster’s Twisted Tales

Step right up ladies and gentlemen! Prepare to be shocked, delighted and horrified during Doc Foster’s Twisted Tales as the one and only Doctor Thaddeus J. Foster rolls into town to beguile audiences with his rare and ghastly brand of storytelling. This is not your Grandma’s puppet show! Nowhere else will audiences have the opportunity to marvel as monsters, specters and demons congregate to terrorize the innocent! Stories of intrigue, love, betrayal lay in store for the curious and the brave. Nothing is sacred for Foster, who reminds us that not every story has a happy ending.


The Long Losts

The Long Losts are a duo from NY made up of vocalist Anka and her husband Patrick on guitar that began in 2012. Their music combines goth and punk rock with lyrics inspired by their love for each other and the things that they love; Autumn, Halloween, nature, romance, ghosts and their memories all wrapped in a dark Victorian aesthetic.

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This Way to the Egress

A band of musical miscreants from all walks of life, EGRESS is a tapestry of worldly influences and an alchemy of sounds modern and past, familiar and forgotten.’

If Tom Waits and Patti Smith made a musical lovechild it might sound a little like EGRESS. Whether you know them as the “dance band to ring in the end of the world with” or by their “raise your spirit, raise a glass and drop a beat” attitude, EGRESS will leave their mark on you as the six-person troupe cascades onto the stage in an explosion of sound and sight. EGRESS is equal parts unruly vaudeville, ebullient world-beat and three ring circus all the while playing an amalgamation of worldly genres catapulting their audience through time and space with unexpected shifts of styles, tempos and time signatures.

EGRESS is Taylor Galassi (lead vocals, accordion, piano); Sarah Shown (vocals, piano, violin); John Wentz  (tuba, backup vocals); Joe Lynch (trombone, backup vocals); Jaclyn Kidd (guitar, banjo) and Nick Pecca (drums and percussion). Hailing from a wide variety of musical backgrounds with a diverse array of influences, EGRESS crafts intricately arranged audible cocktails which will be sure to make you move. Their rambunctious stage show generates enough energy to light up a small city while their genre-bending miscellany leaves the audience wondering what will happen next. Beware: EGRESS’ infectious energy is contagious. After EGRESS you might never be the same, but you will be coming back for more.

​EGRESS is also playing a SOLD OUT Halloween show with The Dresden Dolls this October, but you can catch them first at Blackthorne!​
Want more of what we do?  Check out The Steampunk World’s Fair

Cousin Earth

Cousin Earth is a Brooklyn based Folk/Fusion/Rock band. With both an original repertoire and a vast array of covers, Cousin Earth brings both a sense of playfulness and technical ability to the music they perform. From shredding ukulele solos and 4-part vocal breakdowns to interweaving themed medleys, the band is sure to catch the attention of any music lover. Presenting a multitude of styles including Rock, Ragtime, Funk, Latin, Bluegrass, Hip Hop, and EDM, no musical style is off-limits for this up-and-coming live act.

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Evil Dead 2 Screening w/Shadowcast

Shadow Cast performance and screening of Evil Dead 2. The second of three films in the Evil Dead series is part horror, part comedy, with Ash Williams once again battling horrifying demons at a secluded cabin in the woods. After discovering an audiotape left by a college professor that contains voices reading from the Book of the Dead, evil spirits are awakened and Ash soon discovers there is no escaping the woods.

Shadowcast by Crazycarter